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PVC curtains & swing doors - Action Shutters - Birmingham & West Midlands areas

Looking for a simple way to control your environment? Call us on
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Control your working environment

PVC strip curtains and swing doors can make your environment much safer and better organised. A flexible tool for controlling noise, dust, fumes and yet allowing easy access and visibility on your shop floor. Our PVC curtains are made with variable thicknesses, widths and heights for all purposes.
Swing doors provide the same level of flexibility for entrances and environment control but for a wider range of environments.

Visibility, flexibility and environmental control

In industrial and manufacturing areas you need to control a multitude of factors to ensure the best levels of performance in each area and PVC curtains are a very effective tool to help you with this. Our PVC crash doors and swing doors also mean large machinery and workers can pass through easily and quickly, and requiring no upkeep they are a one-off investment.

Based in Birmingham, our PVC Curtains and swing doors are available in all surrounding areas including Coventry, Sutton Coldfield and all of the Midlands.

Swing doors & crash doors - Action Shutters - Birmingham, Coventry & surrounding areas


If there are fumes, dust and dirt flying around your place of work you can utilise these simple PVC curtains to protect your lungs and your machinery from being clogged up. PVC curtains are also a simple method for noise reduction so that there are no communication issues.

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